Brilliant Bright World Co., Ltd.,

the proud proprietor of the esteemed “GOLD POP” brand

Our journey commenced with the production and distribution of authentic Thai snacks, with a particular focus on traditional Thai fruits such as Durian, Mango, and Coconut. Our maiden offering, the Thai Coconut Roll, initially catered to the domestic market, including supermarkets and tourist-centric outlets. In due course, we extended our reach by exporting our delectable products to diverse nations across the globe. Along the way, we have confronted and surmounted various challenges, forging lasting partnerships with Thai farmers to introduce premium-quality Thai traditional fruit snacks to both local and international consumers.

Global Reach

Our overarching objective is to foster global awareness and appreciation for unique and delightful Thai snacks. This commitment is exemplified by our flagship product, the Thai Coconut Roll, which has graced the shelves of international markets. Our manufacturing facility boasts GMP and HACCP certifications, attesting to the unwavering quality and value associated with the Gold Pop Brand. The Thai Coconut Roll, in particular, has garnered immense acclaim from customers hailing from diverse corners of the world, cementing our confidence in the consistent production of high-quality snacks. Furthermore, our product range includes an assortment of Thai snacks, such as biscuit sticks, coconut balls, and cookies, all of which feature the exquisite flavors of traditional Thai fruits, including Durian, Mango, and Coconut.

Innovative Offerings: Durian Puff

In a testament to our commitment to excellence, we are thrilled to introduce our latest creation, the “Durian Puff.” Crafted with exacting standards, this product adheres to factory-export quality, offering a delightful flavor derived from 100% real Durian. The Durian Puff has rapidly gained the trust and favor of customers, both locally and internationally.

Empowering Thai Farmers

As a brand, we harbor ambitions of expanding our product range to encompass an array of offerings made from Thai fruits. This forward-looking vision serves a dual purpose, as it not only enriches our product portfolio but also empowers Thai farmers by providing them access to global markets. In doing so, we aim to extend the pleasure and value of Thai products to a global audience.

Our Dedication

At “GoldPop,” our unwavering commitment revolves around presenting authentic and delicious Thai snacks to individuals both in Thailand and around the world. We envision Thailand as the “World of Food,” with our Thai fruit-based snacks being widely recognized and appreciated on the global stage.

Mission for the Future

The “GoldPop” brand is dedicated to the continual development of a diverse range of products made from Thai fruits. This mission is underpinned by our dedication to supporting Thai farmers in their endeavors to export their products worldwide, ensuring that everyone can relish the exceptional taste and value of Thai products.


Our factory is accredited by HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) with the process control certification as we address food safety throughout the entire production to prevent potential harms, and also recognized by GMP quality standards (Good Manufacturing Practice). These two accreditations are to certify that we, as a manufacturer, have strictly adhered to safety regulations and ensure that all food products are produced with risk preventive measures in place, safety at the forefront of everything, and zero case of food poisoning.